5 Indoor Garden Improvements Within Your Budget

Indoor gardens are all the rage these days not only for those that aren’t blessed with a conventional garden, but for thousands looking for the best way to bring a touch of the outdoors indoors. However, most will inevitably realise a few weeks of months into the endeavour that it isn’t quite as easy as it might sound on paper, especially when it comes to making an indoor garden that actually looks good and blends in with the rest of the home.

In fact, it’s all-too easy for an indoor garden to become something of an eyesore that’s clearly been an afterthought, which doesn’t exactly breed motivation to keep the thing in good shape and generally enjoy it. The good news however is that there are plenty of ways and means by which an indoor garden can be improved and generally made more appealing, without having to part with a small fortune in the process:

Get Crafty

If using standard pots and planters, why not save a pretty penny on decorative products by getting crafty and having a go at decorating them yourself? You don’t have to be a dab-hand for the simple reason that this is one of the few areas where that rustic and imperfect look actually works best. From putting together mosaics of broken tiles to trying out a little decoupage on existing planters and so on, there are literally infinite options that needn’t cost a great deal but could make a huge difference.

Install Tiles

Speaking of which, the strategic placing of a few floor or Wall tiles in and around the area of the indoor garden has the potential to not only look quite stunning, but serve as the most versatile surface covering there is. Tiles are waterproof, dirt-proof and guaranteed to stand up to the daily rigors of an indoor garden, therefore make an ideal alternative to standard plastic coverings or wooden boards.

Artificial Grass

If looking to really recreate that outdoors feel, give thought to installing just a small amount of artificial grass which in the best instances is 100% indistinguishable from the real thing. Even if only by way of a single sheet to cover a couple of square meters, the difference made to the overall aesthetic can be huge – with the added bonus that artificial grass is 100% maintenance-free.


Hydroponics systems are affordable, easy to install and can help you to cut down on the clutter in and around your indoor garden hugely. What’s more, installing a system to take care of feeding and watering works in the best interest of your plants and will soon have the indoor garden looking brighter and healthier than ever before.

Get to Mulching

And finally, there’s no more effective or affordable way of taking your indoor garden to the next level than by lavishing it with your own home-made compost and mulch. Quite simply, if you’re not already doing so then now’s the time to begin saving any and all organic leftovers and putting them to good use – the results will be spectacular and the savings you make along the way very well-deserved.

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