5 DIY Bathroom Storage Hacks

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is where you go to wash up and get clean, ready for the day or for the night. It should be a relaxing space, that is why you should strive to ensure that it is always clean and clutter free at all times.

One of the biggest problems that you might face is having too many things that you use in your bathroom and not enough space to keep all the things that you want. This includes things such as shower gel, soap, towels, the blow-dryer, toothbrush and toothpaste, lotions, toilet paper and other stuff. Here are 5 storage hacks that you can use to ensure that your bathroom is neat and tidy at all times.

1. Under the sink storage unit

Build a storage unit under the bathroom sink. This is likely to be space that is not utilized, so you can take advantage of it. This storage unit takes up little space but it holds a lot of stuff. This includes toiletries, as well as towels. You can make the design of the unit to be quite attractive, so that it is not only functional but has an aesthetic effect as well.

2. Step Stool Storage Unit

If you have small kids, it is quite likely that they might not be able to reach the sink or the toilet bowl. To ease this, you might decide to use a step stool to help them reach higher heights. You can use a step stool which has a storage unit. This can be used to store kid’s bath toys, soap and other stuff.

3. Wicker Basket Storage Units

These can fit into the unused nook in your bathroom. They have the advantage of being quite deep, so you can store a number of things in them, such as towels and toilet paper. They will also give your bathroom a rustic look. To set up the storage baskets, buy wicker baskets and some hooks that you can fix in the wall.

Fix the hooks and then hang the baskets on the hooks. You can set up as many baskets as you want. Hang them up on the wall, so that you can have lots of free floor space.

4. Mason jar Storage

Do you have little pieces of knick knacks and trinkets that are scattered all over your bathroom and you do not know where to keep them? Use empty Jason jars that you have. Take your old mason jars and paint them with a bright coat of white paint. Let the paint dry and store cotton balls, toothbrushes and other nitty-gritty stuff. You can even use one of them as a vase and put fresh flowers in them.

5.  Enamel Mug Organizer

Use enamel mugs as storage places. Get 3 mugs and a piece of wood. Fix the piece of wood vertically on the wall then fix the uppermost cup facing upright at the top of the wood. Fix the other enamel cup below it facing sideways. Place the 3rd enamel cup also facing sideways below the second cup. You can now use the handles of the enamel cup as towel holders. You can put bits of stuff, such as cotton wool, inside the cups.

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