10 Timeless Decor Tips For A Home You’ll Always Love

Decor pieces add character to any space. Timeless decor calls for using decor that lasts a long time. It doesn’t have to be something that’s boring or out of style. It is a decor style that effortlessly blends elegance and functionality. These are not cyclical trends that can “go out of style.” It includes those classic decor items that will never need a makeover.

Here are 10 home decor ideas for a home that will always be up to the minute:

  1. Use Neutral Colours

Neutral colours work wonderfully to give a refined and expensive look to your home. White walls can make any room feel larger. Paint your walls in copper, beige and grays to accentuate your space without overpowering it. You can spice it up by adding accent decor like lamps, pillows, wall art etc. in the latest prints and colours. They can be easily updated with new trends.

  1. Florals

Bigger prints make a room look smaller so pick a floral wallpaper according to your room for an aesthetic appeal. You can also opt for small or dramatic floral decals. Perk up your couch with cushions in bright floral prints. Or add a floral carpet in a subtle colour to give a cozy feel to your home. Make your entryway more inviting by putting up framed floral prints. The fluidity of a floral print creates a fresh, unexpected texture.

  1. Fabulous Furnishing

Look for furnitures that are comfortable and made up of durable, long lasting fabrics. Always choose functional and comfortable over trendy and stylish. Whether it is sofa, chair or table, look for classic ones that will stand out to make your room look beautiful. You can also use multipurpose furnitures like a coffee tables or a stool with extra storage space.

  1. Use Natural Materials

Make use of natural materials in your home like brick, glass, wood and stones. They work in perfect harmony to give a warm and inviting feel to your home. The contrast of dark wood and white walls can give a rustic and timeless feel to a room. Also allow a lot of natural light to flood into the room. Putting up a mirror on a wall facing the window will double the amount of light in the room.

  1. Keep It Spacious

You may have a lot of accessories and decor items but only display the best ones. You can display them alternatively for a fresh feel to your home. But, keep the overall look minimal and spacious. Instead of filling up the entire place with furniture, leave some free space to give the room an airy look.  Free space looks elegant, and also makes a small room appear larger.

  1. Bathroom Decor

Tile your bathroom in a combination of blacks and whites and lay them in a pattern for a classic look. Break up the patterns by using small prints on the wall and big, bold prints on the floor. Invest in quality fittings that will last a long time. Vinyl rugs provide a durable and waterproof flooring option to add comfort to your bathroom. You can even go for exquisite roofing to add dimension to the place. Add a diffuser to give a pleasant scent to the room.

  1. DIY Decor

Statement headboards can never go out of style. Make use of recycled fence boards and paint a beautiful quote on it. Or hang pennants on jute strings proclaiming your love for a rustic, chic look. You can also make a wall art using photo frames to create a gallery wall. Wind ropes around a boring mirror to create your own DIY frame.

  1. Add Greenery

Breathe life into a room with the calming presence of green plants. Fresh green plants add depth and character to your space. You can use bonsai plants, succulents, orchids or any indoor plant. They not only provide a decorative touch to your space but also helps to bring a vibrant, positive vibe to the atmosphere of your home. They also contribute to overall well being as they help to keep the air fresher by purifying toxins present in our homes.

  1. Add Vintage and Antique Pieces

Vintage decor exudes a sense of charm and comfort. Use an iron or a four poster wooden bed to give a vintage feel to your home. Plaids and vintage patterns can help to tone down a modern look flawlessly. Decorate with vintage suitcases and beautiful chandeliers for a classy appeal to your home. If you have an old house, you can refurbish furniture to retain its charisma.

  1. Increase Usage Of Available Space

The last thing to do is to organise your space. Look for tables with extra storage underneath it to store linens, magazines and other items that you use less often. You can even utilise the space under your bed as extra storage. Use your fireplace as a decorative piece to keep vases and decor items during summer months or use it as a creative bookshelf. The idea is to maximise the use of storage so as to achieve a clean, polished look.

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